Wolfgang and Frank

Wolfgang Böckelmann (bottom left) is a dream to work with. He is so chill. He is so cool. He is so GOOD at what he does! This king of his domain, Revierton Studio in Herne, is efficient, knowledgeable, open, communicative, and we loooove working with him. What else can you ask for in a sound engineer? 

When we were telling Frank about the sound check his famous question was: "Does he use 2 or 3 microphones?" we said, "6." When we got to the studio, after a half day of sound check the day before, Vini and I were expecting the set up to be tweaked if not reworked, there was no change needed. We were able to get a sound that, to my ears, sounded as close to live as Laura Young's Max Reger CD as I know how to get to...

Frank Gerstemeier (bottom right) is a wonderful, kind, positive, thoughtful, considerate, genius of a musician and I pity anyone who has not yet experienced that for themselves. This man hears things that my tuner doesn't hear. He has the repertoire memorized and loves learning new things. As our producer he was able to get our absolute best and keep our spirits up, which at times I was not sure would be possible. We had a fantastic team for our first recording and cannot wait to make the next step towards accomplishing our goals.