Creatives · 20. March 2021
Eduardo Frigatti
Learning Elegy II for the Victims of Covid while the crisis is still going on.
Creatives · 20. March 2021
Sofia Gubaidulina
Who is she? What did she write for guitar?
Creatives · 31. January 2019
So I arranged a piece by Amy Cheney Beach called Eskimos. In the same time period that Debussy and Ravel were creating their tendrils of Impressionism using eastern folk music and airy harmonies,Beach was developing in a very similar way in the USA. Eskimos is a wonderful example of this. This piece takes Inuit folk songs from the Labrador and Alaska territories and mixes it with herromantic harmonies. And it fits beautifully on two guitars. It’s. Been in one form for a long time, with a lot...
Creatives · 19. June 2018
Wolfgang Böckelmann (bottom left) is a dream to work with. He is so chill. He is so cool. He is so GOOD at what he does! This king of his domain, Revierton Studio in Herne, is efficient, knowledgeable, open, communicative, and we loooove working with him. What else can you ask for in a sound engineer? When we were telling Frank about the sound check his famous question was: "Does he use 2 or 3 microphones?" we said, "6." When we got to the studio, after a half day of sound check the day...
Creatives · 06. March 2018
Amy Beach: The start of exploration